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Do you have issues with RAM upgrades?

at least 8GB for casual users (web browsing, apps, games, and videos)

Intermediate users (web browsing, apps, games, videos, and additional gaming and/or productivity software like MS Office) 16GB minimum;

32GB minimum for professionals (users, gamers, or graphic designers).

How long does it take to change the laptop battery?

In most cases, replacing a laptop battery can be done the same day. The battery replacement will be scheduled on the day the new battery is sent to us if we don’t already have the right one in stock for your laptop. Therefore, unless we need to get one in for you, the majority of laptop battery replacements will be completed the same day.

How long will it take to fix laptop software?

The majority of laptop software issues that we encounter are actually operating system-related. It could take anywhere from a few hours to two working days if you want us to try and fix the operating system.

Is your laptop repair work covered by a warranty ?

We provide a ninety-day parts and labor warranty to our customers on all the components we supply and install. This implies that we will pick up, repair, and return the laptop for free if the part we supplied fails within 90 days of the repair. However, there will be a diagnostic cost to pay if it turns out that the issue is unrelated to the parts that were delivered. The invoice will include all pertinent information.

On parts that haven’t been replaced, we offer a seven-day warranty on repairs.