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With the surge in technology usage and updates, nearly every home now owns a personal computer. PC Lap Mall sells desktop computers with and without a keyboard and mouse for both regular and gaming use. They have chosen the greatest gaming laptops with unique features in order to provide their users with the best gaming experience possible.


Desktop Towers:

This is the most common type of desktop found in most homes. It is tall, wide, and heavy. It is best to avoid moving it due to its size. However, it is not difficult to relocate it. This type of Desktop is easily replaceable and repairable.


Compact desktops are sometimes referred to as compact form factor or Mini PCs. This type of desktop is comparable to an all-in-one desktop only it lacks a built-in screen.

All-in-One Computer:

These computers feature a large screen but are small in size. Because they have all of the desktop components as well as a monitor, they are best used as general-purpose computers.

Gaming PCs are outfitted with built-in cooling systems as well as cutting-edge audio and video technology to deliver the greatest gaming experience possible. Gaming PCs are typically equipped with powerful graphics cards, fast processors, and plenty of RAM.

How Do We Choose the Best Desktop Computers?

Here are some of the key qualities of the best desktop computer that we considered when compiling this list for you.


The CPU is your computer’s brain. It performs the essential processes and calculations that power everything else on your laptop. It is extremely difficult to upgrade a CPU once it has been installed, thus it is critical to get the greatest laptop processor the first time.


RAM-Sales-PC Lap mall-Saravanampatti


RAM, or Random Access Memory, is the “short-term memory” of your computer. When you load a software or open a file, that task gets loaded into RAM, indicating that you require additional RAM. RAM allows your desktop PC’s operating system to function faster and more efficiently, as well as perform high-volume applications such as gaming, programming, and so on.

The Operating System

When purchasing a desktop computer, it is also critical to examine the operating system. It is the primary means by which you interact with your computer. Windows and Mac are two widely used operating systems.


Keyboard and mouse

Another crucial factor to consider when purchasing a desktop computer is the mouse and keyboard, which provide a simple and effective way to use the operating system as well as for surfing, typing, gaming, and so on.


A desktop monitor is a screen that you use to run your computer. When purchasing a monitor, there is a wide variety of brands, sizes, and features to pick from. We offer many desktops in varying sizes for you to pick from on this list.

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